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We will make you (gold) mine!

Think about sustainability in the IT world. Some say it's about ‘energy-efficiency’ and others say it’s about ‘Automation’. And CASTIS is simply saying “Don’t spend money on you already have”.

“Through the past golden years of digital transition in Telco IPTV and CATV, we have built great infrastructures covering various service applications for our global customers.” said Joonwoo Lee, CEO of CASTIS.

Now like the other industries, the business area has been blurred and competition has become higher due to the new and giant players on the market. “When we started our very first project called ‘homeN’ with KT in 2004, it was a dedicated system for Video on Demand service of IPTV. After 20 years, the service has offered ‘total media entertainment experience’ and evolved to ‘life oriented platform’ to engage the user’s life.”

Don’t be idle, let’s be cloud

Since CASTIS has scaled the system gradually for years, a customer has hundreds to more than thousand servers in current infra. “We have experienced events that bring massive traffic to cover. Sometimes it was caused by the killer contents like K-pop, and sometimes sports events like world cup. That’s the reason for this great capacity.” said Kyounghoon Lee, Head of professional service and system upcycling business.

The problem is ‘the system stays 80% idle most times.’

“Our mission is always the same. Solution for cost efficiency and business agility. For this issue, our solution was virtualization. We proposed our customers to virtualize the current system to launch new services without purchase of new H/W. And the result was successful. ” Besides the cost saving, the virtualized service allowed more reliability, shorter time-to-market, and better governance as well.

First step, launch new services on legacy infrastructure. Secondly, expand your capacity and capability unlimitedly by aligning with 3rd party infras. Finally, your legacy is upgraded as global cloud infrastructure with whole new business opportunities.

Find the hidden potential of your past investment

Not limited to the cloud, CASTIS shows many solutions to upgrade the legacy infrastructure. “We are driving multiple projects to optimize the system with the least changes. One of those is resulting in 7 times lower latency enhancement and double performance by changing system and H/W architecture.” said, Austine Lim, Head of APAC business. “For CASTIS, our every effort is for ‘long lasting business alliance’. We will serve the customers to keep competitive in the market. And we call it ‘under the top’ in the age of Over The Top.”

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