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Digital messages speak louder to customers even offline!

Deliver your digital message everywhere.

If you want to send (informational, marketing and etc) messages to your target customers strategically and effectively, you need to consider public digital displays as your channel. The channels boost the awareness of your information, product, and service with the advanced campaign. With the digital signage solution, you can gain more views (up to 400%) and increase sales, and interest the guests.

CASTIS’ digital signage solution can adjust to a wide range of businesses from hotels & resorts, hospitals, and shopping malls to restaurants. It delivers information for the service, facility, promotion, entertainment, and guidance such as queuing system.

With its expertise in media entertainment platforms, CASTIS provides profitability, operability, and strategic and dynamic marketing services.

The solution offers

  • High-Quality Multimedia messages

Any type of media including video, Images, live streaming, and documents from any source can be displayed in the best form at the right time with few clicks.

  • Smart Operation

Insightful data and graphs indicate the status of platforms and campaigns in real time. Also, you can manage the globally distributed display resources efficiently.

  • Business Agility

The platform will be constantly upgraded with new features of the business. From out-of-home advertising to new services, it will bring more sources of revenue to your business.

For more information, contact APAC sales.

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