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Celerity CDN

At the moment, video is the most common method of entertainment, hospitality, education, commerce, and overall communication. Via Celerity CDN solution, you can build your own media platform enabling various business models from OTT

to interactive live streaming services. With maximized service reliabilities and business capabilities, explore the unlimited chance of the media cloud to stay

the most competitive in the market.


Low latency

Live streaming

By supporting the latest technology including CMAF and LL-HLS, and also with optimized system configuration, the platform minimizes the latency of the live streaming service.

Docker container and Virtual environment

To boost business agility and flexibility, Celerity CDN is working on containerized and virtualized environments with fast and easy deployment and Multi-cloud options, and lower cost.

Multi-Level Caching


Based on the expertise of the business, Celerity CDN solution is designed as multi-tier caching architecture. Celerity CDN strategically manages the path of the delivery by considering all the aspects of the service environment.

High-performance Streaming & Cache Engine

With 80Gbps of the maximum throughput per unit, the solution ensures high-quality service with intelligent and efficient service operation with guaranteed reliability

Dynamic Cache based on service policy

For efficient network management, the solution offers both Push and Pull caching mechanism, which efficiently manages the service traffic over the network for QoS.

Real-time monitoring with insightful data visualization

Policy-based service decisions based on a multi-tier structure to maximize service stability and quality. Smart load balancing and resource management for virtualized resources and flexible service.



(Celerity Intelli CMS)

Specialized Content management system for IPTV & OTT service with web-based User interface and customized DB schema.


(Celerity Edge Cache Server)

High-Performance Cache server specialized in low-latency live streaming services supporting the latest media types and protocols.


(Celerity CDN Controller) 

  • GSLB

Policy basis service decision system for global multi-tier CDN service for the best quality service 

  • SLB

Smart Load balancing system managing distributed resources and service requests for service reliability.


(Celerity Origin Streamer)

Advanced Low latency Live streaming from any sources from files to live supporting the latest media formats (CMAF and LL-Dash). Real-Time Processing for various service applications and Digital content security.


(Celerity CDN Analytics)

Specialized CDN monitoring and reporting for IPTV & OTT services with web-based User interface and customized KPI.

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