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Add new types of service models to your Ad business!

CASTIS ADvisor announced new features of AD.

Despite the global economic depression in 2023, global Ad spend is expected to reach 740 billion USD with 3.8% of CAGR. The major driver will be APAC regions and digital AD. Even the users considering to cut the usual spend will be the new opportunity for potential Ad audience. The ad supported subscription of Netflix (possibly Disney+) and the FAST services are the evidence.

ADvisor, CASTIS’ digital ad solution offers the new, competitive and collaborative models in 2023 to boost the revenue of the media Ad business platforms.

The new features are

  • Multi-SSP Supported open Ad Platform

We became more open and diverse by Collaborating and expanding the channels for more business opportunities. Now we have multiple SSPs including SPOTX, PubMatic, GAM and related ad agencies already integrated.

  • Server Side Ad Insertion

Now we are smarter and more efficient based on Advanced technology and operability for competitive platforms. With SSAI, the platform develop new business models such as AVOD and FAST with seamless user experience without ad block.

  • Self-serve Ad Platform

The platform has to be profitable and accessible for more stakeholders. By supporting self serve Advertising, we offer easy Access to the small and medium advertisers of local areas for new revenue source.

For more information, contact APAC sales.


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