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CASTIS is coming with its latest solutions at BroadcastAsia 2023!

Updated: May 18, 2023

This year’s BroadcastAsia 2023, part of Asia TechX Singapore, CASTIS will showcase the latest live streaming & cloud technology and solutions for media service platforms. The solution offers not only the software for on-premise but also as a service and hybrid, even to be packaged with K-contents from business alliances of CASTIS for maximum competitiveness and minimized time-to-market.

Highlights at BroadcastAsia 2023 CASTIS will demonstrate,

1. Sustainable CDN

Sustainability is the biggest issue in the industry these years. CASTIS focuses on the potential of existing CDN infrastructures and data centers, an essential but primarily idle legacy resource. With CASTIS’ system upcycling solution, the existing old servers turn into brand-new cloud platforms. Virtualized resources allow new service models without the purchase of new H/W. Moreover, the platform expands the service coverage and cloud capabilities with zero effect on the current service. The solution offers from diagnosis to implementation to achieve the best cost efficiency and reliability.

2. Governance of Service and infra

The service grows globally and the system turns into cloud service. To survive in the fast-changing industry and stay competitive, we must have “governance”. With COSMOS, CASTIS’ new analytics solution propose a new concept of governance. With the solution, we can monitor the status of the service and infra also control the system with simple operation, and even automate the management via AI to prevent service failures and keep the best quality service. Its specialized architecture ensures end-to-end measurement of service quality and flexibly visualized KPIs.

3. New technology for live streaming

Celerity CDN solution enables AI-based content compression by teaming up with Espresso Media, the industry award-winning company, to guarantee the best quality service with the lowest bandwidth and latency. Furthermore, the solution’s Just in Time packaging saves time and resources by supporting multi-DRM, CMAF, and other real-time media processing for wide service coverage with maximum efficiency. These advanced features are powered by its latest high-performance server technology called 'c-proxy', tested to perform 80~100G throughput.

Meet CASTIS @6B2-10, Korea pavilion - KODICA of BroadcastAsia 2023

For more information, book a meeting,


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