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Reach any platform with multi-DRM solution with minimized latency!

Celerity Multi-DRM solution is here!

Imagine the diversity of our target users. They are in a dynamic environment changing so fast. New devices are coming every day, on the other hand, old ones are still here after all years. Our service has to reach all of them.

At the time that the content is the biggest strength of OTT service, the security of the content is the top priority of all our mission. Does it mean we need to add the process and system for content security constantly? What about the new service features? How many features do we launch to survive the competition recently? Can we manage the entire ecosystem with a single point? That’s why we have to hire multi-DRM solution.

Celerity multi-DRM solution from CASTIS is the answer for the current situation of OTT service.

The solution supports

  • Wide platform coverage Coverage

Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, and Google Widevine DRMs, and is compatible with all platforms, devices and video players

  • Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid

To fit the customer’s current situation, multi-options for the system architecture and the cost

  • Low latency

Pre-integrated with Celerity CDN to ensure the optimization for low latency service and time-to-market

  • Business Agility

Latest technology to cover various service applications and media types from premium UHD 4K/8K, live content, and VOD

  • Packaged technical support

To keep the platform reliable, 24/7 technical support based on dedicated resource and local areas

Most importantly, the solution guarantees the best cost-efficiency comparing other DRM solutions.

For more information, contact APAC sales.


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