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FAST is coming. We have to move fast.

Updated: May 10, 2023

We’ve seen the pandemic brought rapid growth in video subscriptions. However, now the OTT market is saturated and the natural tail-off has accelerated after years of competition.

In addition, due to the recent global economic crisis, the cost of living is rising sharply, and it affects customers' behavior. Referring to Accenture research, “63% of consumers find it expensive to pay for entertainment subscription.” During the pandemic, 66% of the UK population had two or more subscription services. But with the cost of living and service competition, we found people reduce the number of subscriptions, or only subscribe for a month to watch a specific program.

For these changes, the new OTT models such as FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) and AVOD (Advertising based Video on Demand) seem to be the answer. Some might think streaming services are moving to traditional linear TV (Ad-supported models). Especially FAST is a new type of service having fewer barriers with lower costs for digital tv offerings and niche content. It already gained millions of viewers by the year and the forecast says its revenue will double by 2023 to the tune of $4.1 billion.

SSAI (Server Side AD Insertion) is one of the essential solutions since OTT service over smart devices has become the media standard. The ads requested by the server are delivered to the audience more seamlessly with higher quality.

CASTIS’ SSAI solution is the result of its expertise in digital media & ad technologies including delivery, Ad decision, and insertion as well as ad business platform operation.

By adopting the solution,

  • Prevent Ad-block on PC/mobile by Seamless Stitching

  • No pause and buffering between Content-AD with high-quality Experience

  • Highly targeted, personalized Ad via Dynamic Ad Insertion

  • Unified processing without fragmented SDK updates, etc. compared to Client Side AD insertion

For more information, contact APAC sales.


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