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We go "Cloud & Virtual"_Here’s why.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Celerity CDN suite, which specializes in media service of platform operators, emerged with its main concept “Cloud & Virtual”. The solution enables the ecosystem of media platforms by expanding the range of media businesses.

Unpredictable market factors such as the pandemic bring new needs for media services. It also gives us the mission for the business agility and reliability of the service to survive the highly competitive media market. Celerity CDN solution answers such questions with the latest “cloud & virtualized CDN” technology.

Here are the reasons we go with the Cloud & virtualized environment.

Business agility

At the moment, media is the most common medium of our communication. The media cloud allows new features of media services the market requires. It also preserve the competitiveness of the business by minimizing time to market.

Minimized Cost

To launch a new business model, we need massive resources including capital, time, human, etc for infra design, implementation, tests, and others. By virtualizing, we can minimize such resources and maximize the efficiency of investment and revenue of the unit project.

Revalue existing infra

With the cloud & virtual technology, the idle resource of the CDN infra enables the newly added service models. Dynamically managed CDN resources create new sources of revenue and value-added services based on high availability and reliability.

Global Competitiveness

Both global live events and niche services need to reach global users in various environments. Via standardized technology, the solution integrates the 3rd party infra as a part of virtualized resources. It gives market-leading competitiveness with its flexibility, scalability, and wider coverage of the platform.

Service reliability

Cloud environment containerized by service and business minimizes the service failure and manages the infra dynamically with reliability. The enhanced monitoring solution helps operators understand the status of the services and also gives insight into the business by providing visualized data analysis.

The solution was firstly launched on the dedicated CDN platform of KT the biggest telco in Korea, for its IPTV and OTT services called Olleh TV and Seezn. The containerized services based on k8s are managed dynamically for its scalability and reliability. The concept will be adopted widely in the Asian market starting from the partnered infrastructures with CASTIS.

For more information, contact APAC sales.


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