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Spectrum SDV Solution

Business agility is key to competitiveness for the media service industry to keep the users satisfied and prevent churn. The media platform is required to be more interactive and diverse. CASTIS’ SPECTRUM is the SDV (Switched Digital Video) Solution that allows the service operator with HFC networks to launch new features for IPTV service by smart and efficient allocation of network resources.


The solution offers flexible resource management by taking back the network occupied by unrequested service, in real-time, to serve the users with higher quality.  Moreover, its data analysis system provides the business insight to plan SDV operation policy and audience targeting for new service applications.


Minimized CAPEX

  • Add or replace minimum H/E  Equipment

  • Minimum Network Architect change

  • STB Firmware Upgrade

Business insight

  • Data Driven service policy

  • Real-Time Audience Measurement

  • Personalized Service  via data analysis

Business opportunity 

  • New and Niche channels

  • UHD channels and VoDs

  • Interactive service applications


Efficient network resource allocation

  • UHD QAM reserved

  • Dynamic B/W Allocation Algorithm

    • Least & Reserved

    • Smart re-claim

High Availability CAPA

* For SDV Server

  • Input Traffic 4GB

  • Output Traffic 100GB

  • MAX Service Group 48EA

  • MAX Channel Config 800EA

Multi-EQAM Interface Support

  • SDV Interface (NGOD, ISA-RPC)

  • Standard Video Interface (UDP)

  • DOCSIS IPTV Bypass Interface

Robust Redundancy

* Switch over for SDV server

  • Process Down

  • Input Channel Availability

  • Input Channel Traffic Low

  • NIC Link Down

  • EQAM Abnormal

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