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Celerity CDN solution has just arrived!

Pearl Hwang

Apr 15, 2022

Meet "Celerity CDN" , the CASTIS' new CDN solution! Now, the solution is more powerful with the newest features_Low latency live, Containerized & virtualized, Dynamic multi-cache, High Performance Engine and more...

CASTIS' next generation CDN solution, called Celerity with the latest live streaming technology is ready to serve the OTT with the virtualized environment. The solution has been specialized in the nation wide media delivery for telco IPTV and OTT services with the highest quality and best reliability.

Celerity CDN solution supports

Low latency Live streaming

By supporting the latest technology including CMAF and LL-HLS and also with optimized system configuration, the platform minimizes the latency of the live streaming service.

High performance Streaming & Cache Engine

With 40Gbps of the maximum throughput per unit, the solution ensures high quality service with the smart and efficient service operation with guaranteed reliability.

Docker container and Virtual environment

To boost the business agility and flexibility, Celerity CDN is working on containerized and virtualized environments with the fast and easy deployment and Multi-cloud options, and lower cost.

Dynamic Cache based on service policy

For the efficient network management, the solution offers both Push and Pull caching mechanism, which efficiently manages the service traffic over network for QoS.

Multi-Level caching Topology

Based on expertise of the business, Celerity CDN solution is designed as multi-tier caching architecture. Celerity CDN strategically manages the path of the delivery by considering all the aspects of the service environment.

Real-time monitoring with insightful data visualization

From the H/W resources to service applications, every part of Celerity CDN is monitored by real-time visualized data on web based UI.

For more information, contact APAC sales.

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